Simple Landscape Photos

Dean January 12, 2010 11:13 pm Maximising Depth of Field. You’ve hit the nail on the head about how important the depth of field is in landscape photographs, but yet you have made no mention of the most important concept there is to landscape photographers to maximising the depth of field. It’s called “Hyperfocal Distance”. […]

Natural Picture Frame

Picture Frames Every good photograph deserves a great photo frame. Here at Kirkland’s, we have picture frames in beautiful styles and classic designs, all available in a wide variety of picture frame sizes to accommodate your most precious memories. Every good photograph deserves a great photo frame. Here at Kirkland’s, we have picture frames in […]

Lightroom Presets For Landscape Photography

About the creator, Sarah Sisson Sarah Sisson has been a full-time professional landscape photographer for over 10 years, in her home country of New Zealand. Sarah’s fine art prints have been purchased by clients in over 40 countries via her website She is the co-author of top-selling dPS ebooks including Loving Landscapes – a guide to […]

Nature Landscaping

About Mother Nature Landscaping Mother Nature Landscaping is a full service, award winning group of landscape and irrigation contractors. Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Mother Nature has served both residential and commercial properties within Central Indiana for 20 years. Our landscape contractors will bring the design to life with beautiful hardscapes, such as, patios, walkways, retaining […]

Landscape Photography Workshop

Event description Description This workshop will explore some of the key issues in the art of landscape photography. The instructor will share secrets on both technique and esthetics through lecture, discussions, demonstrations and hands-on opportunities in the landscape of Duke Farms. She will suggest how to compose a picture, how to shoot in different lighting […]

Nature Oil Painting Landscape

Painting Landscapes Layered Painting Old Master Approaches Dark Grounds Light Grounds Direct Painting Portraits Still Life Flowers Life Studies Electronic Help Starting Off Painting Classes Art Holidays New Settings Framing Self Evaluation Selling Aims in Painting LandscapesLandscapes have grown in popularity over the centuries, and now display a greater variety and perhaps originality than any […]

Nature Photo Frames

Natural Photo Frames can help you frame your memories and envelop them with the energy of the lovely spring season for FREE! If you are looking for a natural photo frame download that is embellished with gorgeous spring flowers and lush green nature, download these picture frames for spring, have fun with the photo effects […]

Landscape Picture Frame

You know the drill: you fill your digital photo frame with your favourite snaps, watch them flash up one after another and suddenly, ugh… an image appears at a different orientation to the rest. Those black boxes at the sides or top, shrinking the detail, or – even worse – a distorted stretch and skew of faces […]

Landscape Photo Editing

In-camera technique is, of course, important. But your prowess in the digital darkroom is increasingly crucial to the success of your images and crafting a look that defines you as an artist. This is especially true with landscape photography. In our latest photo editing guide we offer 14 photo editing tricks and tips that every […]