Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas Pictures

Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas Pictures

For saving sight lines around small spaces, sinking the hot tub in the deck area is an excellent idea. When recessing your hot tub into a deck, leave about 16-18” rise above the deck to allow for the cover to fit over the hot tub when not in use. Keeping your hot tub covered when not in use will save energy, prolong the life on the spa and avoid unnecessary hot tub maintenance.
hot tub landscaping ideas pictures 1

Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas Pictures

Incorporate travertine and black stone veneer panels to create a more elegant hot tub look. In this hot tub deck design, Long Island Hot Tub sunk the spa halfway into the ground then built a stone wall around the spa. – Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York
hot tub landscaping ideas pictures 2

Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas Pictures

Water features and backyard ponds are an excellent focal point for any time of year. With the right environment your hot tub can become its own sort of pond or feature. Add some natural boulders and planters around the hot tub to raise the spa up and make the hot tub experience an art form. – Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York
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Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas Pictures

Think about how you plan to use the hot tub and any views you may enjoy while in the hot tub. Pick out the perfect hot tub that suits your wants and needs and design your deck to accommodate it. Making the hot tub convenient and easy to use means you will use it more. – Gabe Givan, Sonoma Backyard, California
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Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas Pictures

When planting around a hot tub, you don’t want your soil, mulch or plants touching the tub. You should plant around your hot tub pad (or whatever solid surface your tub in resting on). If you want to add plants closer to the tub, use planters or plant boxes. You can pick up some really nice ones at your local nursery, or cheap plastic ones at Home Depot or Lowes.
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Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas Pictures

Many folks love the idea of sinking a hot tub into a deck. This allows them to see a 360 degree view and really completes the outdoor living area. This style makes the hot tub appear like it was custom designed for you and your life, resulting in an amazing finished look. However, it’s important to not sacrifice function over form. Having an adequate access area to the equipment area is imperative to long-term happy hot tubbers! – Tip provided by Nick Kasten, Arizona Hot Tub Company, Arizona
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Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas Pictures

We reached out to deck, landscape and hot tub experts around the world for their absolute best tips and tricks. Below are 63 hot tub design ideas and insights from professional designers and installers to help you create the perfect outdoor space for your hot tub. Whether you’re interested in a modern look, eco-friendly, a place for family and friends, a do-it-yourself project, or simply a beautiful place to retreat to for some relaxation, there’s something here for everyone.
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Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas Pictures

When building the new deck, a platform was made to hold the hot tub at a height conducive to regular use. When dining or lounging, the inviting hot tub is just steps away: ready and waiting. Integrate a horizontal stainless steel cable railing to give the design a modern look and feel. – Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York
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If you’re feeling overwhelmed after reading through these 63 hot tub deck designs, don’t fret! You’re well on your way to creating the deck of your dreams – just pick out a few of your favorite ideas (2 or 3) and put your own spin on them. Mix and match. Share your ideas with others and to get a different perspective. Don’t compromise on your vision, and you’ll soon be showing off your one-of-a-kind hot tub deck to friends and family.
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Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes. Because of that, take some time to consider where you want your hot tub, both in terms of aesthetics and function, and how you can integrate the hot tub into your landscape design.
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Design and planning is the key element when purchasing a hot tub. Design decks around hot tubs to be user friendly for both the owners and service techs. Hot tubs will always need some kind of service which makes access to the motor so important. Two tier decks are the perfect design for hot tubs to give the sunken-in look yet accessible. – Keith Fry, Another Amazing Deck, Pennsylvania
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The key to creating this perfect backyard escape is to optimize your space. You will want to install your hot tub for maximum accessibility, the best views and for optimal usability. When evaluating the various locations for a deck consider how the structure, design, and accessibility will enhance the aesthetics and utility of your hot tub, home and yard.
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If the sunken hot tub is too much work (or too high a cost), another option is to build a bench around the spa for a nice clean, modern look. For most people, composite materials are more functional to use when constructing an area outdoors or around a hot tub. If you decide to use wood instead, make sure the wood is properly sealed (i.e. tar paper). Your local home improvement store or contractor can assist you in what options fit best for your area’s climate.
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If you live in an area with a gorgeous view, why not create the perfect backyard space with a scenic overlook? Take in the lights of the city, the mountains, and natural vistas by creating an open design for your hot tub that matches the visual style of your home and compliments your garden landscape. Include native plants, shrubs, and trees as accents around your yard and hot tub. These are also an excellent way to provide some privacy around your spa.
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Privacy and shade are other big considerations that can be tackled with a rooftop patio and hot tub that takes advantage of clever screening. Of course, anyone considering a rooftop hot tub installation should seek professional expertise to ascertain if special structural considerations are required. – Tip provided by Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture and Design, London

One approach is to have the hot tub rest on a concrete slab with the decking build halfway (around 18″ high). This way the hot tub is about another 18″ higher which makes it easy to get in and out. – Tip provided by Clemens Jellema, Fine Decks, Maryland
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Install your hot tub in a serene backyard landscape with waterfalls and a “pondless” reservoir. When installing a manmade stream with waterfalls, some of our clients (especially with young children or small pets) prefer the pondless feature where the water seeps into the gravel (where the reservoir is) and acts as a more green maintenance-free source. – Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York

“Hot tubs are a popular request from my clients,” says Paul Lafrance, founder of design & build firm Paul Lafrance Design. “A lot of the time, the instinct is to tuck them away off to the side, but this doesn’t make them feel very inviting. With so many varieties available, it’s easy to select a hot tub that complements the shape and size of the deck. When placing a spa into a design, I account for sight lines and privacy.
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This oceanfront spa was built tall to create the illusion that the tub’s infinity edge blends seamlessly with the Pacific Ocean beyond. The herringbone patio and tiled tub can be seen from every room in the house, including the front door, making the outdoor space a crucial design element in this luxury home.
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Built entirely of redwood, this gorgeous deck makes a bold backyard statement. To add interest and depth in this monochromatic space, the deck is terraced to feature a built-in hot tub above and a fire pit with surround seating below.

A covered patio adjacent to a lush garden offers ample seating options, including a Z-shaped bench centered around a stylish fire pit. A few steps away, a large, relaxing hot tub is framed by yet another stylish wooden arbor with curtains that can be closed for privacy.
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Featured in DIY Network’s Blog Cabin 2012, a wood-fired Japanese-style hot tub is a gorgeous addition to this outdoor retreat. To accomodate the sloping backyard, a terraced wood deck sits just above the unique cobblestone mat patio adding extra space for entertaining.

As seen on HGTV’s Vacation House for Free, contractor Matt Blashaw designed a back patio that has something for everyone. With plenty of ways to relax, whether in the hot tub or on the luxury outdoor sofa, this space provides the perfect getaway at the end of a long day.
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As seen on HGTV’s House Hunters, this cozy backyard patio features a luxurious, roomy hot tub surrounded by lush plantings. A sculptural fountain encased in tile serves as an interesting focal point for the space.
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Hot tubs can be challenging, because if you don’t integrate them with the landscape, it can look like a big box sitting on a flat slab – not the most attractive look. If you want your tub to integrate and flow with the surroundings without dominating, a landscape designer can be a great asset. If your goals are simpler – just some simple screening plants to soften the appearance – the staff at your local independent garden center can give you great advice and help you pick out the perfect plants.