Landscape Reference Photos

What can Photos4artists offer you, the artist? We offer photos designed specifically to be used by artists as reference for their artwork. Any finished artwork is free from any copyright restrictions, unless it is merely a digitally enhanced copy of the original image. Our photos are completely free to download and use as reference for […]

Nature Photos For Sale

Thank you for visiting the online Landscape Photography – Nature Photography galleries of Tom Potter. I shoot mainly Landscape Photography. However, I also shoot many subjects that fall under the more general category of Nature Photography. I offer digital photo prints for sale, which are available on fine paper, canvas, metal and more. While the […]

Florida Nature Photography

Birds Indigo buntings, Mississippi kites, eastern kingbirds, grosbeaks, warblers, tanagers, orioles, thrashers and thrushes begin returning to North America. Bobwhite quail nest now through September. Migrant warblers concentrate on coasts after cold fronts. Watch for hummingbirds feeding on blooms of columbine, buckeye, and others. Wood storks in North Florida begin courtship and nesting. Florida sandhill […]

Georgia Landscape Pictures

When plant professionals volunteer to select gold medal plants, you can be certain they’re passionate about finding the best plants for Georgia landscapes and gardens. Formed in 1993, the Georgia Plant Selections Committee is a nonprofit organization of nurserymen, flower growers, garden center retailers, landscape professionals, botanical garden professionals, and faculty from the University of […]

Second Nature Landscaping

Client Testimonials Second Nature created an incredibly beautiful outdoor living space for us. Ben and Jeremiah incorporated our ideas with theirs to blend with our home and our very plain backyard was transformed into a beautiful flagstone patio with seating walls and a large fire pit, an outdoor kitchen surrounded with beautiful landscaping, a water […]

Natural Geographic Photos

Learn from National Geographic Photographers National Geographic offers a variety of ways to improve your photography skills with the guidance of a National Geographic photographer. All of our photography programs are designed for amateur photographers of all levels interested in improving their skills. On our photography expeditions and active photography adventures, you’ll learn tips and […]

Famous Nature Photography

Thank you Richard for putting together an excellent list. Though my list would differ some, I am glad you included my father, Philip Hyde, who has often been under appreciated for his contributions to photography. I am surprised you did not include Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Minor White, John Sexton and possibly Carr Clifton and […]

Pictures Of Italian Landscapes

Italy Photograph by Mariusz Smiejek, My Shot Carnival revelers take a break in one of Venice’s countless sidewalk cafes. As European influences continue to trickle in from the north, Italy is experiencing a reinvention across its large cities. However, as home to the eternal city of Rome and some of the world’s greatest art and […]

Natural Lighting Photography

Every time I hear a photographer state, “I’m a natural light photographer”, it can carry a suggestion that they are a more honest type of photographer, better attuned to reality, and purer in motive. What I hear is, “I haven’t learned to use my flash.” This may sound harsh but I can’t help it; right or wrong, […]